About Us

Cascade Connections Mission 

 Empowering individuals with disabilities to enhance their quality of life


The Values That Govern What We DO


Service Excellence


Maintaining quality staff and services requires wisdom, expertise, respect and integrity.




Doing what we say and take responsibility for our actions and words. We hold each other accountable to the Mission and Values of Cascade Connections.




Striving to provide people with tools, skills and connections to build a more positive future.





Delivering services that meet physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, social and environmental needs.


Christian Leadership


Adhering to bring glory to God and serve their fellow human kind.


Servant Leadership


Leading by example and put others needs and desires before our own. We are humble stewards of organizational resources: human, financial and physical.



Equal Opportunity


Supporting personal growth through power and choice, competence, health and safety, positive relationships, status and integration. All people are created equal.



Individualized Services


Providing services from a person centered perspective.




Belonging is a two-way street and everyone benefits from inclusion. We see to partner together to create a barrier free community.


For more information, please contact Cascade Connections.

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